Walter Lilly introduces dedicated in-house temporary site services team

Walter Lilly have introduced a dedicated Site Services Team to the business, strengthening our in-house capabilities. The Site Services Team undertake all of the temporary installations, maintenance, testing and inspections of services across all of our sites. By providing this in-house, we can ensure site operating costs are maintained and we can directly control the standard and design of the temporary services.

Since launching this new department to the business, our Site Services Team have completed their first installation at our newest project located in Belgravia, including a new office and welfare set up, new drainage and water supplies for toilets, a new mains setup with RCD, MDU and new branded transformers. 100v Power Drops are positioned every five metres, so power can be accessed without trailing leads around the site. They also installed a new wireless fire alarm system throughout the site building, with both heat detectors and break-glass activation, and supplies for hoists and drainage sump pumps.

At this particular site, the existing installation left by the base build contractor was identified as unsuitable, so once Walter Lilly took possession of the site, the Site Services Team made it safe, stripped it out, then installed the new system.

Our Site Services Team are equipped with new Walter Lilly branded equipment. We look forward to offering this service on all our new projects moving forward.

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