Walter Lilly Are Proud To Be Mental Health At Work Committed

At Walter Lilly, we deeply value the mental health and well-being of our team. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for our team members overall well-being and that’s why we are committed to taking the appropriate steps to ensure mental health is a priority within our workplace.

We have pledged to be ‘Mental Health at Work Committed’, a set of standards that will help improve and support the mental health of our people. This framework sets out six clear standards based on what best practice has shown is needed to make a difference and better equip those to create an environment where employees can thrive. It ensures that our employees and managers are properly supported, allowing us to create healthy workplace environments and direct those who need help to accessible support.

  1. Prioritise mental health in the workplace by developing and delivering a systematic programme of activity.
  2. Proactively ensure work design and organisational culture drive positive mental health outcomes.
  3. Promote an open culture around mental health.
  4. Increase organisational confidence and capability.
  5. Provide mental health tools and support.
  6. Increase transparency and accountability through internal and external reporting.

Mental Health is an issue that can’t be ignored; at least one in six workers experience common mental health problems, including anxiety and depression (The Mental Health at Work Commitment, 2023) and 300,000 people lose their jobs each year because of long term mental health problems (Stevenson and Farmer, 2017).

By signing up to this commitment, Walter Lilly have confirmed that mental health at work is a priority. We are proud to have joined such a significant and growing movement of over 1,200 likeminded employers, businesses and organisations across the UK. As we look ahead, we are excited to expand our efforts and remain committed to providing a healthy, safe, and enjoyable work environment for all our team members.

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