East Chemistry – Phase 4

Windlesham, Surrey

Phase Four was the biggest and most complicated phase of the works and included the most significant structural work. This was the re-configuration of the existing ground floor plant walls between the basement and first floor levels to allow the new lab design to be implemented.

A new staircase access from basement to first plant room was installed. A new electrical distribution plant room was fitted out in the basement with all new electrical infrastructure and equipment to feed the existing distribution boards on the ground floor.

Infilling of the existing staircase openings was required and removal of the entire existing asbestos screed. This was carried out during out of hours and new screed was laid over the entire 1,275 m2 footprint of the building. A new goods lift was installed from the basement to ground floor, as well as new glassware and store rooms with a shared equipment area fitted with five bespoke ventilated cupboards. A new meeting room was created with six focus booths all designed and constructed to meet acoustic requirements.

Within the new hydrogenation laboratory, eight bespoke walk-in fume cupboards with fully integrated 1000 psi gas connections and oxygen depletion alarms were installed. In the C12 laboratory, 16 bespoke bench type fume cupboards with three balance enclosures were installed. All new laboratory furniture and service booms were all bespoke for this phase.

Project credentials


Windlesham, Surrey


Eli Lilly


Project Manager: Eli Lilly
Architect: Abell Nepp
Project Quantity Surveyor: Faithful + Gould
Structural Engineer: AECOM
Services Engineer: AECOM

“...fully integrated 1000 psi gas connections and oxygen depletion alarms were installed.”
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