This building is on the GSK main research and development site. The works involved the fit out and refurbishment, installation, modification and overhaul of building services and equipment in an existing occupied facilities.

The works were phased in relation to the operational requirements of the user and included the creation of two new mass spectrometer halls with associated plant modifications and enhancements.

Drug Metabolism & PharmoKinetics is part of the World Wide Pre-Clinical organisation in GSK R&D and has a pivotal role in the selection of new chemicals as potential drugs and in their safety evaluation. The studies they carry out help GSK to understand the relevance of the results of pre-clinical pharmacology and toxicology studies to patients and assist in the prediction of dosage regimens that are most likely to be therapeutic but which will avoid adverse events.

The works have involved the stripping out of areas over four floors to re-form them into Category II flexi labs, for mass spectrometers that will employ lean lab principles.
The mass spectrometers provide services to GSK laboratories all over the world.

Substantial new plant has been added to accommodate the additional services required for the laboratories, which was installed on the roof using a self-climbing tower crane and also onto a structural steel gantry which has been erected between two existing buildings. This has included a sophisticated cooling system in the laboratories in order to protect the mass spectrometers, which are adversely affected by changes in ambient temperature and typically start to shut down above 25oC.

As the building has remained occupied and operational throughout the works regular and comprehensive liaison has been undertaken with the client and consideration given regarding noise, dust, vibration etc. to ensure minimum disruption to their sensitive operations.

Project credentials






Project Manager: Capital Projects Group
Architect: Architon LLP
PQS: Capital Projects Group
Structural Engineer: Ross & Partners
Services Engineer: MG Parntership

“This has included a sophisticated cooling system in the laboratories in order to protect the mass spectrometers...”
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