Milestone celebrated at the Natural History Museum as works commence on site

A celebration marks the commencement of sustainable construction works at the Natural History Museum’s Urban Nature Project.

On Tuesday 22nd November, Walter Lilly welcomed guests and staff from the Natural History Museum, members of the design team, specialist consultants and our groundwork contractor, Careys, onto site to officially celebrate the commencement of on site works.

In recognition of the first major on site works milestone of the Museum’s five-acre gardens redevelopment project, the ceremony marked this momentous event.

This follows recent work by the Museum to relocate plants from the current ponds to be replanted after the construction period and help preserve the gardens’ biodiversity.

Creating a sustainable design that works with the landscape is at the heart of the Urban Nature Project. With an ambitious approach to sustainable construction, the project aims to have a positive impact on the environment. Through the Urban Nature Project, the Museum’s existing Wildlife Garden will be extended to double the area of native habitats within the grounds, with the aim of better supporting, monitoring and managing the animal and plant life diversity.

The new development will tell the story of evolving life on Earth from 540 million years ago to the present day, following an immersive timeline of plants, trees, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Adam Farrar, Director of Commercial & Visitor Experience at the Natural History Museum was there to mark the occasion on behalf of the Museum and said, “This work marks an exciting new

chapter for our gardens. The Urban Nature Project will allow children and families to explore the Museum in a new way, reconnect them with the outdoors and inspire them to care of the nature that surrounds them. I look forward to watching the space transform in living galleries which will take visitors back in time, whilst also looking to the future.”.

Commenting on this milestone on behalf of Walter Lilly,             Landmark & Heritage Divisional Director Rhys Sumpton said      “The commencement of site works is not just a significant milestone that celebrates the commencement of this prestigious project, but it also marks the beginning of a new era of the urban movement for the UK.

We are excited to be fully mobilised on site and to have commenced the work. The collaboration between the Natural History Museum, the design team, our consultants, and subcontractors leading up to this first milestone is a testament to the ethos and culture this project embodies.”

You can find out more about the Urban Nature Project here.

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