Men’s Health Month

November is Men’s Health Month. This is a time to encourage everyone to talk about men’s health and highlight the issues that many face throughout their lives. Issues like mental health.

Of course, mental health is not just an issue for men, everyone can experience it. However, statics show that men are less adept at handling these emotions when they arise. In the UK, around 75% of suicides are committed by men and within the construction industry, two men take their own lives every day.  Depression and anxiety are now more common in the construction industry than any physical disorder.

Here at Walter Lilly we always prioritise our people, they are the core of our company. Therefore, it is imperative that we look after each other, provide support to everyone we meet and continue to make mental health a priority. Some of our employees are trained as Mental Health First Aiders and our Health Assured membership allows employees to seek professional support.

Here’s what some of our Mental Health First Aiders have to say about mental health:

“Never be afraid to ask for help, advice or just ask for some breathing space. No question will be thought of as silly or not important. Sometimes just saying something out loud already makes it easier to digest.” – Erica Denman, Assistant Engineer

“A problem shared is a problem halved. No one should sit in silence suffering, talk to someone who is able to advise where the right help can be obtained to assist. Mental Health is an illness, like any other illness, and should be treated as such by all.” – Malcolm Burton, Senior Bid Manager

“Open up and talk. You will be surprised by the reaction.  For those listening, ask more than twice whether the individual is alright.” – Chris Butler, Managing Director

“Remove any stigma that you may have regarding mental health. We all have mental health; we all have good and bad days. For those who are having several bad days, there is always help.” – John Joyce, Operations Director

Our beneficiary charity, the Lighthouse Club, do brilliant work to support construction workers and their families that may be struggling to cope or find themselves in a crisis. They provide a range of proactive support and resources including their Construction Industry Helpline, free app, and mental health training.

While we have come a long way in changing the attitudes around men’s mental health, there are still too many men suffering in silence due to internalised gender norms. By supporting charities such as the Lighthouse Club, educating ourselves on the matter and looking out for each other, we can break this stigma together.

It is ok not to be ok but remember to reach out for support.

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