Walter Lilly - The story so far

When Walter Gent Lilly won the freehold to a London builder’s yard in a card game in 1924, he would have had no idea that he was making history. Capitalising on his good fortune, he set up in the building trade. His business was an immediate success and quickly grew to become one of London’s foremost construction companies. The business remained in the Lilly family until 1955 when it was acquired by the Y.J. Lovell Group, although it has always continued to trade as Walter Lilly. That same year the company was appointed to carry out the remodelling of London’s iconic Café Royal – a relationship that has continued to the present day.

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Integrity, honesty and fairness

Walter Lilly hold core values of integrity, honesty and fairness in all of our dealings with our customers, staff, subcontractors and suppliers. We value each relationship on a long-term basis, as our approach is intended to promote and foster continuity through repeat business opportunities.

We consider our customers and supply chain to be knowledgeable, demanding and entitled to have their projects managed efficiently, free of defects and delivered with a service that leaves all with a positive perception of Walter Lilly by providing the highest levels of craftsmanship and service.

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