Design and construction of a HQ Building

Procured on a GC Works single stage design and build contract, the scheme involved the construction of a two storey and single storey headquarters building, approximately 1,250 m² in size.

The building comprises offices, conference facilities and ancillary areas, together with a veterinary surgery, holding and recuperation areas, pharmacy, laboratories and offline areas. The scheme achieved a BREEAM rating of Excellent, scoring 83%, with scores of 100% in the categories of Management, Energy and Pollution.

Amongst the strategies used were :


  • The use of materials from sustainable sources i.e. Timber from sustainable sources (FSC, CSA) for the frames.
  • Dual flush toilets, waterless urinals, percussion or infra red taps and energy efficient showers.
  • The Mechanical & Electrical plant with high efficiency motors.
  • Energy efficient boilers that use less fuel and emit less harmful gases into the atmosphere.
  • The use of Photo Voltaic cells and Solar panels for providing electricity and hot water.
  • The use of re-cycled materials i.e. crushed aggregates for hardcore, recycled aggregates in concrete, recycled bricks and roof tiles etc.
  • Glass with solar shading to reduce the amount of solar gain and the amount of heat loss from the building.


The project won both a BREEAM Bespoke Award and RICS Sustainability Award in 2006 and a Green Apple Award in 2007.





DEFRA/Vetenirary Laboratories Agency


Nisbets, Architon LLP, TP Engineering Services, Schofield Lothian

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