Friday, 7th November 2014

Breaking ground in Swaziland

Walter Lilly team helping to build a better future for disadvantaged children

On Wednesday 5 November 2014 the Walter Lilly team of Adam, Andrew, Charlie, Erica, Megan, Scott and Zoe broke the ground in Swaziland.

They are working to Build A Future for children orphaned or disadvantaged mainly by the high infection rate of HIV running at 26%.

The task they have been given is to build a new store room at the local infant’s school. This started with excavating the strip foundations. The digging in the hot sun has led to some blisters but the team crack on regardless! They were surprised when a building control officer turned up to ensure everyone was wearing hard hats…

Spirits are high – undoubtedly fuelled by the local beer brewed in the bush and served with creepy crawlies to enhance the flavour. Adam tells us that he has plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit in his diet which is good to know!

Whilst we are sure downtime is rare with so much work going on, the team have found the time to tour Lobamba, go for a swim and visit the local town where they were struck by the harrowing levels of poverty.

Communications are limited but when we hear more we will keep you posted.

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