星期二, 22nd 七月 2014

Weldon Flooring technical workshops

A specialist workshop with our valued partner, Weldon Flooring

Following on from the highly commended technical workshops in joinery, fibrous plaster and stonework, our latest technical workshop offering, this time from Weldon Flooring, was trialled on two groups of Walter Lilly staff in June and July this year.

Both groups thoroughly enjoyed Weldon’s hospitality and their unique insight into the world of wood flooring.

The trip to Newark from Kings Cross is long but worth it, as Weldon balance technical talks, with power point presentations and plenty of time in their busy workshops. Their laser cutting machinery is amazing and as can be seen from the attached photograph(s), can produce incredible marquetry patterns, using a variety of different materials.

Many thanks to Weldon for facilitating these workshops for our staff (